Tiptop Taubyn v. 't Maartenshuis
Geboortedatum 24 februari 2012,


Taubyn, 9 maanden Taubyn, 9 maanden

Willowtarn Time And Tide

Ch Forestland The Countryman

Exbury Icon

Exbury Busker
Exbury Gold Coin

Ch Forestland Line Dancer

Ch Milesend Dancing Major
Forestland Country Singer

Willowtarn Truffles

Ch Evad Sommer Shadow

Sommerville Smithson
Evad Cream Peach

Ch Willowtarn Takes Th'Biscuit

Ch Keltihope Keynote At Malaroc
Willowtarn Trousseau

Ch. Tansey Turner v. 't Maartenshuis

Ch. Caurniehill Canaletto At Shelridge

Ch. Shelridge Summerspell

Shelridge Socrates
Ch. Shelridge Sunflower

Ch. Blenmerrow Melveen Mona Lisa

Blenmerrow Barnaby
Blenmerrow River Of Dreams at Malveen

Ch. Kayleigh from Lady Lucia

Mister MacToby v. 't Maartenshuis

Paulhays Damon Isle
Ch. Mona Melissa v. 't Maartenshuis

Ch. Evros Tiptop Tosca

Ch. Mascot
Ch. Chiroskas Fable At Evros